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Louisville’s Best Resource for Corporate Team Building & Team Building Activities

The most important thing we do is team building. Our company atmosphere either inspires us to excel or hampers our progress. Team building on special occasions, to kick off new campaigns and quarters and every day is essential. We all value team building, we all understand the value of good team building and we all know the importance of choosing the right activities for our team.

We will help you to plan your team building event. Our advice and expertise in event planning is free. We offer many different team building activities and we offer many unique team building activities. The following list is just the beginning. We’ve been helping companies team build for twenty years.

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Sometimes companies have great ideas for team building and then just need a place that they can rent the equipment from. We have everything you could possibly need. Sometimes companies are hoping to have a team building activity that is run for them from start to finish we offer this as well. The size and scope of your team building is up to you. Whether it’s a loose party of fun activities to participate in or a structured competition or show is up to you. We’ll even custom create something themed for what you do! We’re the team that agents call to make them look good. We’re the team that companies call to make their events successful. We’re happy to meet with you. We’re happy to help you plan your team building event!

Some of the many team building activities we offer!

Murder Mysteries

  • Circus Themed
  • Western Themed
  • Gangster Themed
  • Renaissance Themed
  • Holiday Themed

Game Shows

  • 60 Second Challenge
  • Fast Paced Trivia
  • Fabulous Feud
  • Name the Right Price

Other Activities Include:

  • Spy School
  • Casino Party
  • Comedian Show
  • Hypnotism Show
  • Comedy Magic Show
  • Night At the Races Derby Horse Races
  • Chocolate Challenge
  • Bike Team Building
  • Circus School
  • And Lots more!

Contact us at (855) 921-5454 for more information
Or email us at: