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Some of The BEST & Most EXCITING Events Found In Louisville Kentucky!

At Louisville Party and Events, we strive to make every corporate function fun, unique and effective. Any theme is possible. Every event should be memorable! Every event should be smooth and professional. Let us help you host your party. Let us help your event be a success. Tell us what you’d like to achieve and we’re happy to offer suggestions.

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Some of our clients are surprised by everything we offer. Décor, Themed Entertainment, Unique Entertainment, Music, Staging, Tenting, Equipment Rental, Event Staffing, Concessions, Catering and rides!
Louisville Party and Events has grown large by successfully helping other companies with their event and party needs.

Planning a Party or Event? Here are some things to consider…

Theme: Do you have a theme for décor and entertainment? Here are some popular themes for parties and events. We offer décor and acts for these and many other themes.

  • Hollywood
  • Las Vegas
  • Wild West
  • Casino Royal
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Team Work
  • Olympics
  • James Bond
  • Family Day
  • Anniversary
  • Grand Opening

Venue: We happily work with many venues in and around Louisville. We not only help you plan your event we will also take care of discussing it’s details with your venue and their onsite event coordinator.

Marketing: In many instances we have assisted in pre-event marketing. Tell your people about the good time they’re about to have is half the battle. We can supply you with photos, video and descriptions prior to the event to assist you in your pre-event marketing.

Event Planning: Good events begin with good event planning, and good event planning starts long before the actual event. As we help plan your corporate party or holiday party we’ll discuss with you the layout of your event from out in front to on stage. We’ll also discuss with you the timeline of you your event form the delivery and set up team to load out. We’ll even schedule a follow up meeting with you.

First Impression: First impressions are important! Here are some ideas for your events first impression.

  • Fire Performer – Dressed in Tuxedos and by the entrance. You’ll know where to pull in when you see fire performers. You’ll also be in a hurry to get out of your car and see what’s inside!
  • Aerial Acrobats – Twenty feet in the air.
  • Wind Socks – Gold and Silver.
  • Living Statues – Does your company have a mascot?

Ask about giant décor items!

Cocktails and the reception: After we’ve made a great first impression let’s keep the party rolling with décor and entertainment to match the occasion. Some great entertainment for this time period prior to dinner can be…

  • Human Table
  • Champaign Dress
  • Strolling magician
  • Living statue
  • Performance art
  • Photo booth with props
  • Live musician

During Dinner entertainment often takes a pause during dinner but for tables waiting to be called, or people finished early here are some things to assist…

  • Aerial Bartending: Drinks poured from the sky!
  • Green screen photography, photo booth, or selfie station
  • Palm reader or caricature artist
  • Circus performers on light up podiums performing acts in the corners of the room
  • Living statues
  • Strolling magician
  • Disc jockey

The Main Event: We offer lots of great entertainment for after dinner from and organized game show to a free for all sporting event! Here are some ideas for your after dinner entertainment.

  • Game Show
  • Casino Gaming
  • Horse Racing
  • Cover Band
  • Dancing
  • Hypnotism Show
  • Comedians

As you can see we offer a lot of different ideas for our corporate parties and events, and we haven’t event scratched the surface! Name your theme and we’ll share ten more ideas specific for your event! Tell us what your group is into and we’ll give you options! We’ve hosted many unique events and parties, we can’t wait to help with yours!

Contact us at (855) 921-5454 for more information
Or email us at: contact@louisvillepartyevents.com